Friday, July 20, 2007

How Proverbs 27:17 Came Alive to Me

Where it came from

This passage really came alive to me when my best friend David Woods jotted it down on one of the pages of my old Franklin Planner. I guess the Lord revealed that passage to Dave in some of his own personal devotions. It was a very hectic time in our lives as we both poured our lives and energy into a struggling church. It was a day when we were working on a major demographic project for the church and I was feeling less than energized by all the long hours that we were putting in. Dave quoted that passage to me and talked to me about how that kind of relationship would absolutely transform a man's life. It was an awesome piece of Scripture. And we committed on the spot to be that kind of friend to each other.

How it still impacts me today

In reality, and the ideas behind began at the kitchen table of David and Karen Woods back in 1995. It had its genesis in a plan to bring some much needed structure to their local church. Dave and Kevin were both members of their church board in a suburb of Washington, DC and were looking to revitalize the church and it's leadership by transformational change. It was the kind of change that takes you from a group of folks who listen to reports and approve an annual budget into thought leaders and ministry champions.

That kind of change brings a certain feeling of isolation and loneliness. I will tell you very plainly that I might not have made it through those days without the friendship and encouragement of my friend, David. And it is that kind of encouragement that is still needed today. This is especially true in the day in which we live today. Church leadership and ministry has challenges that must be met by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. And it is my goal to provide a place for gaining encouragement and developing friendships that will sharpen you in many of the same ways that I have experienced over the years.

David Woods was a God-given gift to me and my family. He has sharpened my mind and honed my heart. I am a better christian, a better husband, a better father and a better leader because of Dave Woods.

How it can impact you

My prayer is that I have had some measure of impact on Dave's life as well.

My prayer is also that you will find this to be a place of encouragement. And that it will attract others who are looking to be encouraged as well as be an encourager.

Kevin Bowser
Partner, ISI Consultants